You should know that Swimming and Gym are best friends!

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You should know that Swimming and Gym are best friends!

In your opinion, a perfect couple is a phrase for the relationship of people and things that are compatible, similar, complement each other; Or are they for symmetrical, distinct, complementary objects? Is a pair with similar strengths and weaknesses better, or is a pair where strengths on one side compensate for the other’s weaknesses and vice versa better?

Now, let’s find out through the following article!

What do you know about the backup sport?

The question is fun but not easy to answer because it depends on the situation. However, in reality, life shows that no one in the world looks like anyone, nothing like anything. That is the difference. Creating cohesion between differences to take advantage of each other’s strengths is the attraction of life.

Freestyle swimming

Freestyle swimming

With that in mind, the search to combine different sports to form the “perfect couple” in each person’s training regime is a fascinating discovery. Each sport has different physical and mental requirements for the practitioner. That variety of sports is aimed at meeting the different interests and needs of each person.

However, each subject has certain limitations. Yoga is great for relieving stress but lacks competition. Gyms help improve health and physique but are prone to injury. Jogging and jumper (volleyball, basketball) are susceptible to knee and ankle pain due to reflections from the hard ground. Table tennis, badminton, and tennis develop irregular limbs because they only use the force of the dominant hand.

Head-to-head opponents (martial arts, soccer) are at risk of injury from impact. Team subjects are heavily dependent on finding a partner at the same level. Swimming develops comprehensively, but there are also many people who hesitate to practice because of the problem of perfecting techniques.

Therefore, if you combine 2 – 3 different sports, your exercise will be more enjoyable, less injured, and especially overcome the limitations of the sport “gut”. that you are practicing regularly. In addition, side sports can be a “backup” that allows you to keep training regularly when you are unable to do the main sport.

For example, because of heavy rain, you can not swim at noon, in the afternoon you can take a bicycle to run a few rounds instead.

Why did we say that Swimming and Gym are best friends?

Swimming and the gym are two different sports like water and fire. Soft, tender water; And the dumbbells are sturdy and coarse. Water soothes on our body, and the weights “gradually” let us down. With just beating and rubbing like that, we can endure muscle aches comfortably!
Thanks to the combination of 2 subjects, I am strong, toned (through the gym) and resilient and flexible (through swimming).

The strength of the gym is resistance exercises with weights so that muscles are destroyed, rebuilt and restored on a stronger foundation. When we experience soreness caused by damaged muscles, stretching or light cardio will help relieve pain, stimulate blood circulation, and help muscles heal faster. Swimming, with its cardio dynamic features and long stretches, while swimming – is an effective way to restore muscle mass after a workout.



The strength of swimming is the cyclical activity in the water environment to develop the respiratory and cardiovascular system. Swimming is not very strong in building muscle. Muscles are built through the magnitude of resistance, rather than repetitive movements with small resistance. The resistance to swimming is water, and water doesn’t have as great resistance as barbells in the gym, so swimming can’t turn you into the muscular actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Gym can make you ache, and swimming can only make you “seasoned”.

If you are merely doing gymnastics, you will have a beautiful body like a statue with muscular masses, cutting strokes; the clothes you wear will “inflate” as if to rip, your hero walks as solid as a robot! However, strong muscles will affect joint flexibility and buoyancy in the water, when gyms go into the water like a “iron” that is easy to sink and swim very hard.

If you just practice swimming, you will get stronger each day with an increasing number of swimming rings, but your muscles cannot “cut” like the gym because it is the elongated, “sinking muscle”. In addition to the reason that water has a small resistance as mentioned above, swimming movements are always related to corrective muscle contractions (push-ups in water) and no movements in the form of concessional muscle contractions (like dumbbells in push-ups), while contractions are important for building muscle and burning fat.

So, if you combine the two sports swimming and gym, you will have a healthy heart (because you can do cardio while swimming) and a muscle system that is not too “rugged” like gyms, but not too much. “Sink” like a swimmer (because it is supplemented with strength gym exercises). You are still a fish, but an anchovy, not turning into a “claw ant”!

Many people nowadays also have “perfect couples” in practice. Someone walks gently in the morning and returns to martial arts in the afternoon. Yes, you combine yoga with badminton. There he played tennis and jogging. Some people practice dancing in the morning for fun and come home to do a few rounds of cycling. Many people in the morning walk a few rounds in the park, return to sit, and play a few games of chess with their comrades. All are “diversifying” their practice types. If watching sports is fun, maybe we can choose a different joy every day!

Remember, the most important factor in exercise to stay healthy is regularity. If you practice irregularly, even if you go to the most modern gym, you will definitely fail. Choosing for yourself a “perfect couple” is also a way to help you practice regularly.

And believe it or not, swimming is a very attractive “side” of other terrestrial sports. Just move from the terrestrial environment to the water and you will immediately feel the effect!


Do you know the unique charisma of each swimming style?

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