What to prepare for a weekend swimming trip?

Memorable swimming trip

What to prepare for a weekend swimming trip?

Any form of exercise has health benefits, but perhaps swimming is the most special of all. From stress-relieving to cool water. A trip to the pool is a great way to get through the hot days and enjoy family time.

During the fun, you don’t want to realize you’ve forgotten something important. Here are some of the items we would recommend for you to have a memorable swim.

Note before entering the water

Here are some notes for you before going to the pool

Always shower first

In most pools, you will need to re-shower before entering the pool. So, step into the bathroom (with your swimsuit) before and after swimming.

Always warm-up before going to the pool

It is important to start each training session with some kind of warm-up. Whether you are an athlete or simply go swimming for leisure, it’s important to get your muscles and energy systems adapted. Your body needs time to warm up. This prevents injury and allows your body to achieve maximum performance out of your main sets.

Always drink enough water to prevent dehydration

Drinking water before, during and after exercise will help fight fatigue and prolong endurance. It will boost your energy and keep you focused on each swimming workout. Remember to always have a bottle of water or a sports drink by the pool.

The essentials for swimming

What are we going to bring to swim? Bathrobes and towels may be obvious essentials, but there are many other things you should keep in mind to bring with you when swimming in preparation for any possible situation. Here are some suggestions for other things to make sure you get the best possible experience at the pool.

Essential stuffs for swimming trip

Essential stuffs for swimming trip


You can prepare any outfit you feel comfortable with and suitable for yourself. Check in the pool for any instructions on what swimwear should be used. When swimming, make sure your swimwear is as tight as possible for comfort.

Swimming cap

Swim caps are especially helpful for people with longer hair, as they not only keep the hair from sticking to the face, but also help reduce the ‘obstruction’ force making swimming a little easier.

Slipper to move side in the pool

You may not consider this one of the things you should wear when swimming but you may think about whether you need to go to the toilet or maybe even slip on the edge of the pool, bring some flip flops to walk from the dressing room to the swimming pool.

Towels and robes

Towels are essential for drying out after swimming, but if you’re worried about walking around the pool in your swimwear, bring a towel with a towel to cover and keep warm.


Use one with a minimum SPF of 30 and reapply more often if you stay underwater to protect your skin from the sun.


Children can use goggles in swimming pools and they protect their eyes in case they are sensitive to chlorine.


These shield your eyes from the bright sunlight. We recommend a cheaper pair that you won’t mind being dropped into the pool or getting scratched.

Floating instruments

If you have a small child or a family member who is not good at swimming, safety equipment such as life jackets are a must even when a lifeguard is on duty. When pools are crowded, they can easily get lost in a crowd. So to ensure the safety of family members, the equipment of floating equipment is very necessary.

First aid kit

Children are susceptible to cuts and scratches when playing around swimming pools. The first aid kit can also help relieve headaches or allergies. Carry a small first aid kit with the following:

Antiseptic water for the wound
Personal toiletries
Chlorine and other chemicals used in swimming pools can make skin and hair a little dry, so remember shampoos, conditioners, shower gel, moisturizers, and any other toiletries you may need.

Above are the essential items for your memorable outing. Depending on the purpose of the outing, you can choose the right items.

Hope you will have a wonderful time!


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