What swimsuits do celebrities wear?


What swimsuits do celebrities wear?

Swimming is the most popular and popular discipline in the world. And of course, with such a famous sport, it is impossible not to mention swimsuits. An item that has a great effect when swimming, not to mention the growing society, swimwear also has a lot of variations in fashion and style. Let’s take a deeper look at the courtesy and favorite international star swimsuits!

The history of swimwear

The demand for swimwear began to grow as relaxation in remote tropical seas became popular among the upper classes. A question was posed at that time: “What will women wear and how to wear on the white sand slopes… men are present? Should they show off their sexual attraction or disguise themselves as discreetly like before? ” The first answer came in the 1800s with a swimwear type of blouse with a skirt over the pillow, underneath with pants, no different from a daytime outfit. This is the first step in swimsuit fashion.

The first costume bathing

The first costume bathing

By the early 20th century, when fashion saw a few minor revolutions, liberating the woman’s body, swimsuits became shorter, lighter and more comfortable. In 1907, Australian athlete Annette Kellerman first wore a swimsuit that revealed arms and showed off feminine curves and it immediately became a standard until 20 years later. By the 1940s, swimsuits began to be designed with a rubber fabric that helps to hold the wearer closely with the hips cut deeper and higher.

The swimsuit wore by Annette Kellerman

The swimsuit wore by Annette Kellerman

The history of the bikini

Until 1946, the new bikini – two-piece swimwear was born, expressing a profound change in society about women’s freedom, they were allowed to wear and… show off what they wanted! The bikini begins to be compared as a frame honoring the most “deadly” parts of a woman’s body, such as breasts, waist, legs …

Equally interesting is that this “work of art” appeared again thanks to the merits of two men … Louis Réard and Jacques Heim. Heim named this outfit Atome (atomic bomb), while Réard named his design by the name of Bikini Atoll in the Pacific – the site of the US nuclear weapons test. in July 1946. Just through the way of naming, readers can also imagine the powerful and formidable destructive power of the bikini with the Western public awareness at that time about how much openness women were allowed!

In the 20th century, the swimwear spoke of equality of women in society

In the 20th century, swimwear spoke of the equality of women in society

Since no models were brave enough to accept the show, Réard had to hire a stripper to present this revolutionary design. The world was still in a throbbing phase after the Great Depression and World War, so women’s fashion was forced into the old framework with skirts always longer than knees and high backs hugging waist. The display of a daring design featuring only one breastplate, a sensitive spot and a third round, while Réard’s other body spaces to expose have shocked the media and the public. them.

But only a decade later, people caught this sensual design popping up on beaches across France. Americans, unexpectedly more old, still didn’t accept bikinis until the mid-60s! Similarly, in other European countries, bikinis were not very popular at the time and were even banned in some countries such as Italy, Spain, and Portugal.

Bikinis become sexy and sexier!

Although Réard, previously described his invention as “a swimsuit so small that it could not be smaller”, every year, the design of the next generation bikini has always been further made smaller than the previous one. If someone ever thought that Réard’s 1946 design was the daring climax, it would be … suffocating to see a 1970’s bikini model. It was a design consisting of 4 pieces of fabric connected by thin strings, just enough to cover what is needed.

It cannot be denied that bikini is an extremely effective promotional item for young rising stars. Rita Hayworth used to take a cover photo for Life magazine, wearing a white bikini on her body. Jayne Mansfield attends a dance in 1956 wearing nothing more than a leopard print bikini. Raquel Welch in an animal-patterned bikini in One Million Years B.C (1966) and Bond Girl Ursula Andress in Dr. No (1962) has become a symbol of the times. And today, you will not be recognized as an “international supermodel” if you have not appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine with a bikini that could not be smaller.

Gisele Bundchen is considered the most beautiful bikini supermodel in the world

Gisele Bundchen is considered the most beautiful bikini supermodel in the world

Today, women of all ages are fond of bikinis, and for a long time they no longer shy away from body gaps when wearing those bold (once considered) designs. Fashion firms in addition to regular Ready-to-wear Collections still release seasonal swimwear styles. The names favored by women are Eres, Missoni, Mara Hoffman, Diane von Furstenberg, Agent Provocateur …


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