What is the caution when performing breaststroke?

What is breaststroke

What is the caution when performing breaststroke?

We often hear a lot about breaststroke, but not everyone understands what is swimming. To help people solve questions about this issue, let’s learn about breaststroke as well as notes when doing the breaststroke in the article below.

1. What is breaststroke?

Perhaps when we hear the name, we can easily imagine this swimming style. So what is breaststroke?

Breaststroke along with freestyle, butterfly, and backstroke is one of the four basic swimming styles of swimming. This is a slow swimming style and is loved by many people because they are quite easy to perform and can rest comfortably while swimming. And as the name suggests, when performing this style of swimming, we will simulate the style and posture of the frog when moving underwater.

How to do breaststroke

How to do breaststroke

2. The benefits of breaststroke

Probably knowing what frog swimming is, people will be interested in the benefits of this swim. So what is the benefit of breaststroke for all of us?

  • Good for joints and movement: breaststroke and other swimming styles all require movement of the whole body, especially the skeletal system. Therefore, when swimming regularly, the skeletal system is activated and becomes more flexible and certain. In addition, the breaststroke movement also stretches the bones and is very good for height development. If children learn to swim from a young age, they will have optimal height gain as they grow up, so it is seen as an effective method of height gain. This is probably the first effect that everyone knows when asked what are the benefits of breaststroke.
  • Enhance the health of the cardiovascular system, circulation: The whole body movement will help the blood vessels to circulate better, improve the heart rate and the health of the whole cardiovascular system in general.
  • Weight loss: This benefit of swimming cannot be overlooked. For those who want to lose weight and remove excess fat, breaststroke is a sport to consider and perform.
  • Improve and tone the body: Swimming is a full-body exercise, so it will help tone all the muscles in the body and help us have a more balanced, toned body.
  • Good for pregnant women: What are the benefits of breaststroke for pregnant women? The characteristic of breaststroke is that it does not take much strength, it does not have to turn around, so this is the best swimming style for pregnant women. This swimming style not only helps pregnant women improve their health but also helps the delivery process be easier.

3. Caution when breaststroke

Breaststroke is a basic and simple swimming style, but we often make some basic mistakes when performing. Therefore, when practicing this sport, we need to pay attention to the following things:

  • Warm-up before swimming: Here’s a basic breaststroke note that we all need to remember. Breaststroke is a sport and if we do not warm up well before doing it can cause the body to not adapt in time. That will negatively affect the body as well as cause us to experience unnecessary injuries.
  • Pay attention to swimming techniques: Foot pedal technique, hand fan technique when performing breaststroke is very important. If done correctly, they will save you energy as well as avoid leg fatigue, shoulder pain, neck …. If you are new to breaststroke, ask your trainer these things and try to get it right.
  • Breathe properly: Another note when performing breaststroke is also very much reminded is the breathing in breaststroke. You need to be aware of this because if you do not breathe properly, it will be very tiring and not bring good health effects. The most basic and correct breathing is through your nose as you dive, and breathing through your mouth when your head is raised.
  • Do not lift your head when breaststroke: Actually when doing the breaststroke, the head will be lifted naturally by the shoulder. However, many new swimmers will actively lift their heads, not shoulders. Doing this for a long time will cause neck and back pain, and for a long time, it will be harmful to your health.

Through the knowledge we synthesized above, hopefully, you have grasped the basics of breaststroke as well as some caution when performing it. This is a very healthy sport and you can do it every day to stay healthy and prolong your life.


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