What is a good size swimming pool?

Modern outdoor swimming pool

What is a good size swimming pool?

For those who love water sports – swimming, in addition to the correct swimming technique, there is another factor to help you swim better. That is the swimming pool. A swimming pool with a standard size will help you increase your speed and help you not swim out of line. So what size a swimming pool is called a good pool. Let’s find out.

First, we must clearly define that not all swimming pools are the same in size and shape. We will have an outdoor pool in the form of a family pool in the backyard and a public pool. With the indoor pool, there is also the distinction between the competition pool, the school pool, and the family swimming pool. We will go into detail on each as below.

Outdoor swimming pool

An outdoor swimming pool is a type of swimming pool designed and built outdoors, it is not much different from other types of swimming pools. However, an outdoor swimming pool requires a large construction area, airy close to nature, in order to bring the most comfortable and comfortable feeling to the user of the pool.

Outdoor swimming pools are usually built in locations such as the backyard, rooftop, … Depending on the purpose and preference of using the pool, the investor will choose the appropriate design. Some styles of outdoor swimming pools are popular: oval, curving, round, angular, especially one type of outdoor swimming pool that is most interested in is the infinity pool.

Backyard swimming pool

In swimming pool construction standards, the swimming pool model for family members is mostly on a moderate construction scale, not too big, with a length of 10-25m, and a width of 5 – 10m. In addition, for families with large spaces that can design garden swimming pools, the length can be up to 50-70m along the house to optimize the area.

Public swimming pool

The public swimming pool is a place for many people, all ages, to participate in the swimming pool. So in the same pool, there will be areas for each age, each area will have its own standards.
Usually, public swimming pools for business purposes will have 02 types of pools, depending on the needs and capabilities of the investor, which are 25m long and 50m long. In addition to this public swimming pool, the depth will start from 0.8m to 2m. In addition to the adult pool, there will be another pool for children with a depth of less than 1m.

This public swimming pool can be built both outdoors and indoors and some swimming pool is built on the rooftop.

Indoor Swimming pool

Many people love swimming, they do not want to go to crowded places but want a private space for themselves, the indoor swimming pool will be the best solution for you.

To build this type of swimming pool requires a large house area so that the pool space does not affect other spaces. Moreover, the bearing structure of the house also needs to be absolutely guaranteed so that when constructing the swimming pool, there will be no unfortunate problems such as cracking occurring.

Standard pools for school

Swimming pools in schools are classified according to the levels from preschool, primary school, secondary school, high school, college, university … to be built with standards suitable to the physical condition and strength. student health.

Today, the popularization of swimming is being interested in by many schools, including kindergartens and primary schools to help them get used to the water environment, exercise their bodies, and improve their life skills.
Here are some standards for levels:

For kindergartens:

The depth is only about 10-50cm, only flooding the children’s shoulders to ensure safety. The optimal area for the most reasonable lake water surface is 6 * 10 * 0.5 (m). Do not narrow the size of the lake too small, it will create confusion and discomfort for children when working underwater.

This age mainly needs creativity and fun, so equip some swimming pool toys to increase exploration like rubber dolphins, water slides, water fungus life jackets …

For elementary and junior high schools:

Standard depth is 40-90cm and normal water surface size is 7 * 12.5 * 0.9m or it can be flexibly changed according to actual user needs.

Swimming pools for high schools, universities, and colleges

Depth ranges from 0.8-1.5m and needs to divide each area with different shallow depths to ensure safety for students. The size of the water surface is 12.5m * 25m * 1.5m which changes accordingly, flexible with reality.

Mini swimming pool

The construction area for an indoor swimming pool must always be less than the total area of the house and in proportion to the location of the building. Usually, the standard size of an indoor swimming pool is a length of 10 – 20m, a depth of 1 – 2m, the depth increases gradually from one end to the other.

Since there are so many types of pools, we also won’t have a common size that applies to all pools. However, a good swimming pool will depend on the feeling of each person. For good swimmers, the longer and wider the pool, the more they like it. And for beginners to swim, it’s the opposite. So depending on your swimming ability, you can choose the type of swimming pool that best suits you.


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