What does female swimmer look like?

Female swimmer's body

What does female swimmer look like?

Swimming is an aerobic sport that not only helps us to be younger, healthier but also a powerful assistant to help tone the body and reduce excess fat. And surely every one of us admires and wishes to have a swimmer’s body, right? So what kind of body did you think swimming athletes look like that people admire?

First, for swimmers, you can imagine an inverted triangle or a V-shape to relate to the swimmer’s body shapes. In addition, we will note the enormous height of the athletes, arms and legs are longer than the average person. Add to that the prominent intercostal muscles and broad shoulders. Just that much, you have somewhat imagined it, right?

Female swimmers often feel masculine when they are with people who are not swimmers. It can be difficult for female swimmers to find clothing that fits them in an attractive way. This is because of their muscular bodies. Instead of having thin arms, curvy waists, and large breasts, athletic swimmers have quite the opposite. It can be difficult for female swimmers, especially those in their late teens and early twenties. 

Swimming girls bodies

Swimming girls bodies

Now we will go into details to find out what these physical features do and how they should be practiced to achieve such a figure!

1. Great height

Most swimmers have ideal height measurements, which are superior to other sports. The average height of the world champion athletes distance 100m freely at 1m93cm, the lowest is 1m84. As you can see, somehow the height of the swimmers startle you. And this is a very important point in the competition when you only need to be 1-3cm higher than your opponent, the result will be very different.

Many of the top women in the world also possess great height, as world record-holder Sarah Sjostrom and Katie Ledeckey are both six feet tall (1.83m), while 100 free gold medalists Simone Manuel and Penny Oleksiak stand at 5-foot-eleven-inches and six-foot-one-inch tall respectively. In fact, the average height of the 2016 Olympic finalists in Rio was 6 feet and two inches tall (1.884 m) for men and five feet nine inches (1.755 m) for women, both of which are substantially higher than the average human. 

In particular, have you ever noticed that a swimmer’s stride length is longer than the average person’s?
That’s right, their arm span lengths are typically all 10cm longer than their body height.

2. Flexibility

Before starting the competition, you will always see Michael Phelps flexing and then throwing his hands across his chest for his hands to hit the back, then tossing his arms back to touch. Phelps also has very good elasticity in the ankles, along with “hyper-extending”, those who have this feature will catch more water than the average person.
The movement must be done from the head, long amplitude requires us to have very flexible ribs, shoulders, and back to have lean.

3. Strength

The female swimmers are indeed very strong. They can completely lift weights no less than male athletes. During the swimming process of swimming styles such as butterfly swimming, or freestyle swimming, the upper body is maximized in strength, so often athletes can fully lift the weight of objects with the same weight as they can.

4. Wide and large Lats (V back)

The water pulling movements start all over the head, so you will need to have strong lats. Your lats extend throughout your back, from your spine to your shoulders.
The water pulling that is repeated billions of times while swimming will make your lats bigger. Not to mention that underneath this muscle is the location of the two lungs. You also know that swimming increases lung volume, right? Because professional swimmers can hold a very deep breath before having to rise to breathe oxygen, their lungs are also larger than normal.

Beautiful, strong female swimmer

Beautiful, strong female swimmer

5. Wide shoulders

The broad shoulder is due to the fact that you perform a swimming technique such as a side fan. The fact that you train in the water so much plus the invisible water resistance make your shoulders bigger. For female athletes, this can make it more difficult for them to buy clothes compared to the average person.

6. The figure of the body when entering the water looks like a torpedo

Completely different from land sports, water is 800 times denser than air at sea level. To combat this, the elongated posture brings the least amount of resistance compared to a body with large, well-developed muscles like a bodybuilder. As a result, you will find that most athletes have a tapered skeleton with a relatively narrow pelvis and not too large buttocks. Then just do a streamline and you look like a torpedo ready to surf.

7. Outstanding biceps and triceps

For all swimmers, they use triceps to finish a fan cycle, which means during their career they do 3.2 million tricep extensions.
With that much activity, the triceps can’t help but get big.

All of the above factors are identifying characteristics of a swimmer? Say no exaggeration, swimming is the method that helps you overcome the weaknesses of your body. Do you want a beautiful, perfect body? Let’s swim, they will help you a lot.


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