What brand do Olympic swimmers wear?

Michael Phelps wins Olympic with Speedo swimsuit

What brand do Olympic swimmers wear?

Swimming is an international sport that many people care about and practice. Swimwear is one of the things that affects quite a lot of training and performance. The thinner and lighter the swimwear, the more limited the resistance of the water, helping the athletes compete with higher performance. We will take a closer look to see which styles and manufacturers often choose by athletes for competitions?

The history of swimwear

By the 1970s, male athletes’ swimwear from this time were small body-tight spandex pants the size of a napkin. Athletes who use such extremely economical clothes with the intention of reducing their swimwear will make them lean and achieve better results. Now, however, swimwear-style swimwear designs are once again coming back on the green races.

Today, when professional athletes with the help of machines, support teams, all practice constantly to improve themselves. A current swimmer cannot beat his opponent by lap distance but must take every percent of the second to win. A typical example can be seen at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, in the 100m butterfly swim, Michael Phelps won against Milorad Cavic in just 0.01 seconds.

Sportswear manufacturers are always trying to improve their products in both materials and designs, they even use the knowledge of the hydrodynamic scientists to be able to win over those precious hundred seconds for their customers. Today’s swimsuits are also tested using modern technology, in the winding tunnels, just like the tests often done with planes.

The importance of swimwear 

It is difficult for the human body to move underwater. Unlike animals with a completely underwater life such as dolphins, sharks … our body composition is not suitable for rapid swimming in the water. According to Stephen Wilkinson, hydraulic engineering engineer working at NASA, it is because water has hydraulic effects that we cannot see, the effects of this water have slowed us down. Under this water, there are so many such effects, we call them Resistance.

The resistance that has the most impact on the body when underwater is pressure. When you push the water away, the water pushes back against you. When you swim near the surface of the water, your body gets more resistant than when you dive deep. The volume of our bodies swimming has taken the place of water that moves like the forward wave. While you go on trying to move forward the wave, principles of physics will prevent you from ever moving fast. Water walls, also known as wave resistance, will act as a factor, along with water pressure, to stop you.
When luck, technology, training results of all athletes are equal, technology will be a small race on the sidelines of the green track.

The swimsuits with the best speed increase are those that must meet the minimum 2 conditions. First, this swimwear must reduce the resistance to the athlete’s body. Second, in addition to reducing resistance, swimwear does not make athletes heavier when moving underwater.

Therefore, many swimwear manufacturers have come up with clothes that have the intervention of modern technology. Not to mention is the company Speedo – a company specializing in the production of swimwear, and also the sports company that is most trusted by athletes.

Why Speedo?

Speedo® the world’s leading swimwear brand is passionate about life in and around the water. From learn to swim through to swimming for fitness our mission is to inspire people to swim and they aim to do that by encouraging healthy activity of swimming. 

Born in 1928 on and around Bondi, Speedo has natural affinities with the beach and the pool. They have swimwear and equipment for people of all ages to do all sorts of water activities. 

Speedo LZR Racer sets are designed using spandex fabric with a very smooth gray umbrella on the chest, back, and legs. The Speedo gloss fabric uses a flatter structure than conventional fabrics, and the gray umbrellas on the LZR Racer have also been tested and censored at NASA. An LZR Racer is made up of only 3 parts stitched together to limit the presence of welds or seams on the surface of the swimsuit.

Michael Phelps wore Speedo LZR Racer

Michael Phelps wore Speedo LZR Racer

Humans are not like fish that are famous for their speed like dolphins or sharks, our bodies are rugged and protruding with muscles, muscles, feathers, and hair that interfere with forwarding movement. under the water. The Speedo’s swimwear fits nearly all of our most concave muscles, and its exceptionally slippery fabric makes the swimwear wearer appear smoother than water. Tests with the LZR Racer have been done to ensure that the designs are not too tight on the user’s body due to concerns that Speedo customers will find it difficult to get enough oxygen after each swim.

According to the manufacturer Speedo, customers who use LZR Racer can swim faster not simply because of their own efforts but also thanks to the special swimwear that helps them reduce the resistance of the water.

Do swimsuits really help?

Since the Speedo’s LZR Racer sets were born, strange numbers have been recorded on the green track. In 2008 alone, there were more than 40 new records on the runways, this number was even double what swimmers did in the 30 years before 2008. Exactly these LZR Racer swimwear was sold on the market in February 2008, and also from that period until the end of March of the same year, a series of records were set by swimmers.

In addition to Speedo, there are also a number of swimwear manufacturers that are also popular with athletes. Examples are Arena swimwear brand, Adidas brand swimwear, or TYR … In which:


Arena is a brand that specializes in the production and sales of swimming-related products. This is a famous swimwear brand that is present in many international professional tournaments. Arena’s competitive swimwear always brings comfort, helping athletes achieve the best performance.

Arena swimwear

Arena swimwear


Adidas is a well-known global sports brand. Therefore, they also quickly affirmed their names in the swimming world village. Adidas swimwear with many new technologies for the best performance in competition. That helps them gain a lot of trust from the mermaids in the world.

Adidas Swimwear

Adidas Swimwear


TYR is an American brand that specializes in the production of swimming clothing and equipment. Established in 1995 and with a long history of development, TYR has gained a foothold in the international swimming market. This is also a professional swimming costume sponsor for athletes from the US and Singapore.

TYR swimwear

TYR swimwear

These are swimwear brands that produce swimwear models for swimmers. Not only producing swimwear with unique designs, but the swimwear of these brands are all applying the most advanced technology to help the swimmers compete for the best. Competition wins, however, not simply in swimsuits. But the athletes have to go through an arduous and strenuous training process to achieve high results.


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