Top 5 best brands of swimming goggles chosen by many people today

Arena swimming goggles

Top 5 best brands of swimming goggles chosen by many people today

Swimming glasses are the top essential accessory for swimmers. Today, this type of accessory has a very rich market, diverse models, and types. Perhaps that is why we all have a lot of concerns in the first time we choose to buy swimming glasses. Many stores, agents, brands, and prices are different from each other, but their own experience is still too little or not.

So, in this article, we give 5 most popular brands of swimming goggles for you to choose from.

Construction of swimming goggles

Let’s find out what is the construction os swimming googles


Most swimming goggles today are made of scratch-resistant, vapor-resistant and UV-resistant materials.

The color of the glasses is very diverse, from clear glasses for indoor swimming to dark glasses, mirror eyeglasses, … for outdoor swimming. Choosing the right glasses for the environment will help you to improve your visibility under water.

Rim of the swimming goggles

The rim of the swimming goggles is designed with a layer of silicone or rubber seals to prevent water from getting into the eyes. When worn and pressed lightly on the glass, the sealing ring will push out the air inside the glass and suck it tightly around the sockets of your eyes, thereby preventing water from spilling into the glass.

The sealing ring should not be too wide nor too tight compared to the eye sockets, and the suction is neither too loose nor too tight.


Swim goggles are usually made of soft, hypoallergenic materials such as silicon or plastic. There are 2 types of glasses, one is fixed-length glass wire with simple lines, the other is the type with adjustable lock button on the wire to arbitrarily adjust the short length of the wire.

Anti-ghosting properties

Anti-ghosting is a standard feature of most swim goggles, swimming goggles have an anti-steam layer inside the glass, however this layer is not permanent and it will disappear over time, depending on the use and maintain swimmer’s goggles.

Currently on the market is very popular 05 types of swimming goggles from the following brands:

1. Phoenix swimming goggles

Phoenix swimming goggles

Phoenix swimming goggles

As a famous brand of swimming goggles from Korea, many people love and choose. This brand is known as a manufacturer specializing in swimwear products such as: swimming goggles, swimming caps, earplugs … In which, Phoenix swimming goggles have many advantages such as compact design, close to the face to help the The swimmer accelerates better in the competition and makes sure the water cannot get inside the glasses.

The Phoenix swimming goggles users evaluate not only good quality, but also currently own a quite reasonable price with a variety of swimming goggles for each object used for competition or practice.

2. Speedo swimming goggles

Speedo swimming goggles

Speedo swimming goggles

Speedo swimming goggles is a product of the Speedo brand from the US and was established in 1914. Known as a premium swimwear brand not only has extremely eye-catching design and fashion, but also has quality. good to ensure that your eyes when swimming will not be water in, can observe the most realistic image when underwater.

3. View swimming glasses

View swimming glasses

View swimming glasses

It is a name that is no stranger to swimming lovers. View swimming glasses are rated as one of the TOP most popular swimwear brands today. The product is designed extremely fashionable with exquisite beveled curves. The strap part can be adjusted quite easily, the nose connection can be replaced when needed. Bring the most comfort to users.

You also feel more secure when using the View swimming goggles by using all of the safe materials that not only ensure durability, softness, comfort and optimum performance when used.

Products are also more diverse with a variety that is suitable for almost everyone from young children to the elderly and the near-sighted.

4. Arena swimming goggles

Arena swimming goggles

Arena swimming goggles

As a famous brand of swimming goggles from Japan, Arena swimming goggles are designed to be youthful, fashionable, and suitable for most faces. Arena swimming goggles ensure tight fitting, not water in the eyes, no mist, clearly visible when underwater.

Arena swimming goggles are currently selected by many professional athletes from professional to non-professional players for their important matches thanks to the quality that the products bring, helping athletes achieve good results in their games. match.

5. Li-ning swimming googles

Li-ning swimming googles

Li-ning swimming googles

Li-ning is a famous brand specializing in the production of sports equipment, established in 1990. Li-ning is one of the top leading sportswear fashion brands in the world. In which, Li-ning swimming glasses are also highly appreciated for their quality and design. Li-ning swimming goggles with simple, stylish colors. The glasses made from Polycarbonate are extremely transparent, giving a wide viewing angle and do not affect the user’s eyesight to ensure safety and comfort for the user.

Above are the brands of swimming goggles not only with good quality but also beautiful and fashionable designs. Suitable for athletes whether professional, semi-professional, or amateur are quite comfortable to use. Wish you find the product that suits and is best for you.


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