Streamline – A way of posing underwater for swimmers!

Streamline - A way of posing for swimmers

Streamline – A way of posing underwater for swimmers!

If someone says there is one thing that can help you swim faster, less tired and you don’t need to be more physically fit, don’t need to fan your arms, beat your legs faster, then maybe you think that person was joking around. But in reality, there is such a “thing”! That thing is the streamlined stance.

If someone asks you when you get the top speed at a swimming competition, you will be amazed if you know the correct answer is not swimming speed on the water, but rather. speed is achieved when stepping off the podium at the start or kicking off the pool wall during a spin. And to maintain that maximum speed for as long as possible, swimmers must also have a good streamline position.

What is streamline?

In general terms, streamline means ” aerodynamic” (ship, car), meaning the shape is less obstructed when moving. Therefore, the streamline in swimming is understood as the shape that swimmers create to be able to move effectively, with less water resistance and as quickly as possible in the water environment.

Underwater streamline swimmer

Underwater streamline swimmer

In real life, some professions require workers to know how to pose, especially modeling on the catwalk and photography modeling. In sports, any subject that determines performance by time (such as running, swimming, cycling, …) will also require athletes to know how to “pose” to have the best hydrodynamic form when move.

It can be said that streamline is a way of “posing” by swimmers while moving in the water.

What does Streamline mean?

Streamline is one of the basic movement patterns of swimming that help swimmers get the BEST hydrodynamic posture that a person can have while underwater. Did you notice that almost no fish has redundant limbs like humans do when swimming underwater (except for a slightly similar jellyfish)? Therefore, the streamline is the closest pose a swimmer can achieve which is similar to that of a fish. This pose creates the MINIMUM resistance, while also helping the swimmer achieve some of the HIGHEST speeds.

Streamline swimming

Streamline swimming

Therefore, the streamline shape (or streamline posture) is a technique used by swimmers UNDER THE WATER in each swimming style when starting or spinning, and at the same time is the basis of the swimming styles that take the spine as an axis (backstroke style and freestyle swimming style). The butterfly and breaststroke styles have activities based on the horizontal axis of the body, so it is necessary to “sacrifice” a little good flow to create greater strength for the body to move forward.

So whoever you are – a beginner swimmer or an advanced swimmer, an expert swimmer in the pool or outdoors, swim short or long-range, swim butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke or freestyle, age group swim or master swim – ALL must have good well-flowing posture.

Streamline in swimming can be simply understood as the body “straight”, “straight down”, straight from head to toe, no back hump, no hunchback, no sinking, no twisting. Do you see a ship moving and twisting? The hull must be straight for it to move forward. The swimmer too must straighten the body to “tear the water” forward.

In The Millionaire Mindset, T. Harv Eker says, “Roots make fruit. The inner creates the outside. The invisible makes the tangible. The “hidden” elements will create the things that exist around us “. In swimming technique, the human body – not the limbs – is the “root”, creating the fruit of “swimming speed”. The inner is “core”, creating the outside is “force”.

Therefore, the streamline can make a difference for swimmers. It can be said that the difference between a good swimmer and an ordinary swimmer is the streamlined shape of the body.


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