Knowing swimming… Then What? If you are a swimmer, you must read this!

Knowing swimming… Then What? If you are a swimmer, you must read this!

In the last five years, Swimming in the community has seen many good changes. Many swimming groups on Facebook were established with many members participating, actively discussing many different topics.

The swimming pools have a relatively stable pool of regular swimmers. Many families take the initiative to take their children to swimming lessons in their spare time. Young office workers and brothers go swimming after work. Some of the older doctors functioned regularly in the middle-aged swimming teams. The triathlons and long-distance swimming associations have also contributed to the increase in the number of people entering swimming. However, compared to the number of participants in RUNNING, Swimming still has to “strive a lot”!

So what is the cause and is there a solution to fix it?

What is the cause of it?

The effects of swimming on health, everyone knows. The benefits of swimming training for all ages are well known. People say that the hospital is just for healing, but going to a swimming pool can both be cured and able to exercise well!

Before everyone can achieve their own fitness goals, everyone needs to enjoy swimming. However, swimmers will find it very difficult to swim if they get tired quickly, swim “can not see” and feel “short of breath” after a few fans.

In addition, in order to take full advantage of the training benefits of swimming, the practitioner must swim relatively well to feel the effects on their own health. Unfortunately, most of the movement swimmers lack good swimming skills!

Some people “escape” from an advertised swimming course so they “can swim but can’t swim”, some improve their skills by “learning to swim” while observing other people, most of them get repaired. techniques from people with the same swimming capacity in the style of “the more knowledgeable the person who knows the less”.

Therefore, they go into the water to swim but only “feel hungry, eat deliciously”, but do not feel the great effects of swimming.

  • In order for muscles to develop comprehensively “as in theory”, it is necessary to swim more than one swimming style to affect different muscle groups. Just jumping down and swim breaststroke is not enough.
  • For good cardiovascular development and increased endurance “as in theory”, having to swim more laps in the lake, jumping into the water to just “swim snail” (standing and leaning against the lake wall) is not enough.
  • If you want to practice happily and enjoy yourself because you see yourself improving, there must be diversity in the exercise program. Jumping into the water, swimming from one lake to the other the same day after day is not enough.
    Therefore, whether the goals are different (getting in shape, improving your health, being entertained, recovering from an injury, or even participating in a tournament swimming movement), swimmers have one thing in common is the desire to improve their swimming technique.

What is the remedy?

Now, the opportunities for people to learn how to swim have opened wide. The country has more swimming pools, more swimming organizations, and more swimming instructors. However, the opportunities for people to enjoy swimming as part of an active lifestyle are limited.

Nationwide children know how to swim more because the education sector has focused on universal swimming in schools, but the number of children choosing to swim for regular exercise is still limited.

Many people practice triathlons and those who do jogging often when asked about swimming, most are afraid. In order for these brothers and sisters to love swimming and swimming more often, there are still many limitations.

The slogan of the campaign to improve the health of the elderly by the World Health Organization launched on World Health Day April 7, 2012, is “Live healthy, live happily, live usefully”, but for the elderly “Bonding” with swimming for a happy life, healthy life, and useful life still has many limitations.

This is a question that requires the contribution of everyone, from knowledgeable people to those who have been, are and want to participate in swimming regularly.

Swimmers will also have thoughts about a solution to this problem, but in the short term, we would like everyone to contribute their own solutions or propose their own wishes in advance.

Water is always mixed together, connected with each other. In order to bring more people to Swimming, we also need to build stronger bonds within the swimming community.


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