Is swimming a good way to lose weight?

Losing weight by freestyle swimming

Is swimming a good way to lose weight?

Possessing a slim body is a dream of many people, especially those who are overweight and obese. They are interested in many different methods of losing weight. Including swimming. So go swimming can not lose weight? Along with us, let find out right here and consult the super effective weight loss swimming ways.

Why we can keep fit by swimming?

As we all know, swimming requires swimmers or learn to swim to perform a continuous pedal movement – fan arms, back muscles to relax and rotate, and abdomen must contract to increase strength and keep the body steady.

As a result, swimming is one of the few sports with effects on the entire body. And the strict requirements for movements, along with the impact of the water environment, can help swimming burn a large amount of calories. Thereby, helping the body become toned and slim.

However, in order to reach ideal measurements, swimmers need to have a specific, systematic, intense exercise plan.

  • Studies have shown that, in order to get in good shape, it is necessary to conduct swimming regularly, regularly at least 30 minutes/day. The best time to swim is in the morning or evening. In cases where you cannot swim regularly, at least the background swimmer spends 3 sessions/week going to the swimming pools.
  • All swimming styles have the ability to support weight loss, keep fit, however, free swimming is the type of swimming that has the most ability to burn calories.
  • Specifically, if you swim vigorously, within 30 minutes, swimming freely can burn up to 350 calories. And with 1 hour of extra exercise, the calories burned can go up to 400-700 calories.
  • The reason that swimming activities has the ability to help swimmers get in a beautiful, “nifty” figure is that this sport has the ability to create excitement, relaxation, and comfort, so maintaining exercise is also much better than going to the gym, or doing exercises on the internet.

How to lose weight effectively with swimming

The impact of water combined with physical movement as a combination of massage and fitness therapy, all parts of the body work together to help firm muscles, blood circulation, especially excess fat to be consumed. consumption maximum.

In addition, regular swimming has benefits for heart health, especially for the elderly. As mentioned above, when swimming, all muscles are used, so your heart and lungs also have to work hard to provide enough oxygen to help your heart become stronger.

Combine swimming with other sports

Weight loss swimming doesn’t depend on how much more exercise you get. Therefore, combine swimming with other sports such as yoga, walking, jumping rope, cycling … will promote rapid weight loss results. Not only that, combining swimming with other sports will increase metabolic activity, eliminate fat and build muscle quickly.

You should combine swimming with other sports to losing weight effectively

You should combine swimming with other sports to losing weight effectively

Besides, the rebalancing of the diet to both ensure energy supply to the body, while ensuring to limit the body’s ability to accumulate fat is also a choice that cannot be ignored.

Which style of swimming should you choose will help you to lose weight fast?

You also know that swimming has 4 main styles of swimming, every style of swimming will help you lose weight: breaststroke, backstroke, freestyle, butterfly.


This is the style of swimming with the simplest and easiest movements to perform. This swimming style provides the fastest movement speed. When swimming, hands and feet work continuously. Hands extended staggered forward to tear the water, rushing forward. Foot kicks strongly backward to create thrust to lean forward. This process requires continuous arm work so it is suitable for those who need to lose arm fat.


This swimming style is very suitable for those with big legs who want to shrink thighs and calves for slimmer legs. In the breaststroke technique, vigorous work of the feet is required to push the body forward. It is necessary to have good coordination between both legs for the best effect.


Not only does it help your brain relax, relieve stress, and swim backward is also effective for weight loss. This swimming move helps the shoulders slim and balanced. Not only that, but it also helps to tone the abdomen.


If you have an oversized belly and a sagging bust, then butterfly swimming is ideal. The swimming movements impact the waist and hips to help tighten the waist.

Notes that you need to know when swimming

In addition to the styles of swimming that help to lose weight quickly, swimming with weight loss no longer has to follow certain rules. These are also notes to remember for you to shorten weight loss.

– Let your body adjust to swimming slowly. Practice swimming movements from simple to complex.

– Rhythmic balance between other parts and arms and legs. This not only helps you swim properly, but it also helps to lose weight more effectively and your physique more balanced.

– Need to maintain breathing properly, pay attention to keep breathing steady so that the body does not lose strength, has strength will help you swim longer without drowning.

The above are notes for you to lose weight by swimming. Wish you all success in losing weight by swimming method.


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