Is it true that tech swimsuits really help you swim faster?

Tech swimsuit

Is it true that tech swimsuits really help you swim faster?

Over the past few decades, professional swimmers have turned to technology swimwear (competition swimwear) to try to gain more advantage and improve their performance. These suits emerged in the summer of 2009, when athletes continuously broke world records at the World Swimming Championships in Rome. These suits are not just for professional athletes, but amateurs can also be used in competitions or training. But does it really work and make you swim faster?

What is a tech swimsuit?

A competitive technology swimwear is an advanced technology-engineered compressed swimwear that helps you swim faster, glide longer and reduce fatigue. If you combine a tight-fitting tech suit with full-body hair shaving, your body will be slimmer than ever and you’ll move faster through the water.

Tech swimsuit

Tech swimsuit

Competitive tech swimwear is made for both men and women and comes in a full range of options, including knee-length, ankle-length and full-body styles.

Here are the key differences between regular gym swimwear and tech swimwear:

  • Lighter textiles – these clothes can absorb water, and repel water, reducing drag. All competition technology swimsuits need to be approved by FINA in order for them to be legal in a competition. You’ll notice this approval mark if your suit has a black and white barcode.
  • Flat stitching – To help glide in the water, these suites feature flat stitching and heat-bonding seams to keep you smooth all over.
  • Extra Compression – These small and tight suits allow your body to flow more, and shape your body in a way that reduces fatigue and maintains speed throughout the race.
  • More Expensive – A tech suit usually costs 10 times more than a regular workout. In addition, their lifespan is short. If you wear your suit more than a few times, they won’t hold as much compression anymore.
  • Difficult to wear – These suits are specially designed to make the wearer feel extremely tight. Make sure you have at least 30 minutes to dry, put the suit on, then take a break before your next race.

What are the psychological factors when wearing tech swimwear?

It is important that the technology suite is the absolute confidence in the game. In addition to actually giving the athlete physical superiority in water, they also have an impact on psychology. Anyone, regardless of whether they swim or not, will have the feeling of becoming a SUPERHERO while using something shiny and new.

That new outfit will make you feel like you are carrying transcendent technology that will increase excitement in your brain. So even if the tech suit doesn’t make you swim faster, it will make you feel better – and this will help you swim faster.

Does the suit make a miracle?

Maybe the suit does not work miracles, but it seems that the suit is setting new world records. Since mid-February 2008, when the Speedo LZR Racer swimsuit was introduced, there have been 16 broken world records of swimming, including 15 world records attached to this swimsuit.

A decade ago, no male athlete wore swimsuits. The year 2000 marked the milestone for the jumpsuit when FINA approved it and the first person to wear this swimsuit was the Australian fish-man Ian Thorpe with a series of gold medals won at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

And since then a lot of money has been poured into swimwear technology. For example, the Speedo RLZ Racer suit costs 550 USD, made of extremely light, waterproof materials and pieces that are electrically assembled instead of sewing with ordinary threads.

Michael Phelps wore Speedo LZR Racer

Michael Phelps wore Speedo LZR Racer

Speedo’s rival Arena also launched the Powerskin R-Evolution product and it helped Pellegrini to establish the KLTG. Other sportswear brands such as Adidas or Nike have also announced that they will launch new swimwear ahead of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

South African mermaid, world champion Roland Schoeman 50 meters butterfly said: “There will be a technology war at the Olympics. How great it would be if people win thanks to talent like Popov is still championing with classic swimming pants “. But such a thing is not possible today, Schoeman continued: “This is impossible, it is like when Tiger Wood goes to Nike and says” I need a wooden stick “.

Meanwhile, world champion Brenton Rickard asserted that the KLTG has just been due to hard work. Rickard said of course Speedo LZR Racer can make the athlete swim a little faster, but the world records are broken because of the hard work.


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