Is it hard to swim? Click to find out!

Is it hard to swim

Is it hard to swim? Click to find out!

Speaking of swimming, perhaps many people are losing confidence, not only women, even men, there are many soldiers who still cannot swim even though they are eighteen and twenty. However, your thoughts of fear of swimming, of being afraid to learn to swim, have distracted you. Think that this sport is not for you or that it is no longer in your dictionary.

Many of you think that those who live closer to the river will be more likely to know how to swim and need this skill more. Swimming is a very important skill. It is not just a sport that helps you exercise, helps you be more resilient, taller, and has better blood circulation. Swimming is also one of the life skills to help you get through dangerous times. No one can know what kind of situation they might fall into in the future, so prepare well, avoid a bad situation, everything is not redundant. Returning to the problem of learning to swim, can we only know how to swim and swim well when we are close to the river? Let me show you some interesting facts.

Science has proven that humans are born with the ability to swim, without learning they can swim and adapt to water.

The human being was born to swim?

Do not believe it? Think about it, in about 9 months and 10 days in the womb, you were living in the water. So when you grow up, you always tend to enjoy playing in the water. It has been studied that when in the womb, there are 2 reflexes: the recessive reflex and the kick reflex. These two reflexes are always activated and are most active in the months near the end. A child cannot breathe if his head is submerged underwater. However, the above 2 reflections will cause the baby to tilt his head out of the water; Her limbs were waving like a swim. It is also the reason that babies are born to swim very early, and love to play with water.

An infant can go swimming

An infant can go swimming

However, after the first 18 months after the baby is born; maybe everything will disappear, due to the changing environment. The baby started learning to learn, learn to crawl, learn to walk… In a shallow environment, and all underwater skills are considered lost to the environment. Time in contact with water is just bathing, washing hands and feet, … and instead of adapting and playing with water, it gradually turns into a state of fear of water. At this time, officially you will be marked with the tag cannot swim, until now.

That is also the reason why learning to swim as a child will be so much easier than when grown up. Of course, it depends on many factors. But one of them is that you have gradually lost your talent for swimming and water adaptation.

Is it difficult to learn how to swim? How long do adults learn to swim well?

The answer is difficult and takes persistence. Swimming is not like any terrestrial sport, you cannot rush. To become proficient in swimming, you first need to know how your body can float on the water, then consider learning movements such as kicking, swinging hands to be able to move underwater. Not only that, for this swimming subject also requires precise techniques to not have some problems such as cramps, fast fatigue. Swimming with the correct technique will make you feel lighter, swim faster, and won’t get tired.

Therefore, whether or not you can swim is mainly yourself. Don’t depend too much on your coach or mentor. It may take a while for your body to adjust to the water, but don’t worry. Think that you have a talent for swimming since you were not born, what more fear. Study the theory methodically and warm-up well before you get into the water. Add to that the effort of training for a while, you will quickly swim well and have excellent swimming skills.

How many swimming styles are there? Is it hard to swim?

There are 04 main swimming styles: butterfly, freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke.

Any swimming style will have difficult and easy ones. To possess the above techniques, you need time to learn to swim and practice quite hard. Regardless of the sport, making an effort will pay off. Swimming is no exception. The more you practice, the more time you spend on it, it will be more beneficial for you.

And many students often ask: “Which technique should I learn first?”. In fact, the above 3 skills are all basic swimming skills; whichever you learn first is good and all good. Please choose a swimming style that you feel like best; Choose a swimming idol model that you find admire the most to get more motivation to practice. Then, find a professional swimming center to learn from the beginning, from the most basic skills: breathing skills, diving, …

If you find it difficult to learn how to swim by yourself, go to the center. There are swimming experts who will teach you the fastest way to learn how to swim and the best swimming method. Many people call it can swim but cannot swim long; swimming, beautiful swimming, … will need the best knowledge from swimming experts.

Wish you have a reasonable plan to learn how to swim, have a beautiful, healthy body, and enjoy the exciting things from this useful sport.


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