Dog Paddle Swimming – Perfect choice for short swimming

Dog paddle

Dog Paddle Swimming – Perfect choice for short swimming

Dog paddle is one of the basic skills of swimming. This skill helps you stay fit and swim for short distances. Hand movements are like the movements used by a dog while it is swimming. That’s why this skill is called with such a name.

Dog paddle is one of the skills that are preferred for short swim. This skill has many benefits that you can explore with Swimtimelog.

Benefits of Dog paddle

Dog paddle

Dog paddle

As one of the simple skills, easy to learn and suitable for many subjects, dog swimming brings many benefits including:

  • Introductory exercise: Dog paddle is always the first exercise introduced to newcomers as the ‘swimming technique’.
  • Improving freestyle swimming technique: Dog swimming is known as an exercise that improves free swimming technique of athlete. Stretching your arms too wide and far from your body or crossing your arms while swimming are all improved with this exercise.
  • Development of a sense of water: this is the swimmer’s ability to sense self through the movement of spontaneous arm movements so that the body floats on the water. This is considered an effective exercise that can help swimmers develop this feeling.
  • Hand muscle development and core strength: Continuous use of arms with circular motions helps to develop arms and core strength evenly.
  • Rehabilitation Exercise: This skill is used as an effective regenerative swim. With a slow swimming pace, athletes can recover from hours of tough training.
  • High intensity exercise: dog paddle requires swimmers to constantly move their arms in front of water resistance. This creates a fast-paced movement and becomes an effective high-intensity exercise.

Dog paddle techniques

Dog paddle is The easiest and less stressful way to learn to swim

Dog paddle is The easiest and less stressful way to learn to swim

Although it is a simple skill and easy to learn to swim, dog swimming also needs to adhere to certain rules of technique. These rules will help you determine which swimming skills you are using. Correct dog paddle technique:

  • Pushing yourself off the ground and on your tummy, you fill with water on your stomach, chest down.
  • Extend your arms forward, with your palms facing down.
  • Flutter kick: Stretch your legs and move them up and down repeatedly and quickly with your toes closed. This keeps your lower part floating.
  • Point your chin forward and keep your forehead and eyes on the water.
  • Alternately move each arm forward and backward in circular motions. In fact, you’re using your hands to push water forward and downward, which will lift your upper body and provide thrust to your body.

Exercises with dog paddle skills

Depending on your level, you can choose dog swimming exercises with different levels.

The dog paddle skill also has many different levels

The dog paddle skill also has many different levels

Basic dog paddle

This is an underrated exercise because it only helps you develop your feeling of water. How to do this exercise:

  • The swimmer starts this exercise on his stomach.
  • The swimmer’s head must protrude out of the water.
  • The swimmer conducts a series of alternate strides.
  • They have to make sure they open their arms wide with palms down.
  • Be sure to rotate at the hip during each arm pull.
  • Straighten legs and move flexibly for water kicks.

Advanced dog paddle exercises

If you are used to swimming, an advanced dog swimming exercise will help you improve your swimming skills effectively. How to do this exercise:

  • First, the swimmer needs to perform the exercise with a full extended catch.
  • The swimmer’s head must be completely immersed.
  • Make sure to swing the torso and hips to facilitate a long shot.

Wish you success with our instruction!


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