Do you know what are 8 popular swimming accessories?

Essential swimming accessories 2

Do you know what are 8 popular swimming accessories?

Swimming accessories are devices that have the function of support and protection. Here Swimtimelog will introduce you to indispensable swim accessories.

Swimming pools can be a difficult place for beginners to swim. Aside from the technical and speed aspects of swimming, you should also consider swimming gear. Swimming goggles, swimming caps or fins, paddles, … will be very good accessories to support your swimming process. These swimming accessories not only protect you but also motivate you to reach your goals and improve your speed

Essential swimming accessories

Swimming is a relatively economical sport. Because to be able to participate in the practice you do not need to spend too much money on swimming accessories. All you really need are three things: swimming goggles, a swimming cap, and a swimsuit.

Essential swimming accessories

Essential swimming accessories

1. Swimming goggles

Many people often do not favor and think that swimming goggles are unnecessary accessories. Because they weren’t always in the country at first. Moreover, wearing swimming goggles is often not appreciated in terms of aesthetics. However, the two reasons below will make you completely change your look at this swimming accessory.

First, you need to have good visibility to be able to safely navigate around and to judge the correct distance between you and the wall. Your eyes will be more visible in the water.
Second, it will protect your eyes from redness and irritation. Though the rash should go away relatively quickly after you get out of the pool. However, chlorine and human waste (sweat and other things) interact to produce chloramine. This is a common cause of eye strain and irritation.

2. Swimwear

This is definitely one of the indispensable swimming accessories. Many people feel shy about swimsuits that are too tight or too short. However, wearing swimwear when swimming is a prerequisite because they have differences compared to over-conventional pants:

Reducing the resistance of water: specialized swimsuits are designed with the purpose of minimizing the resistance of water to the body. So wearing a swimsuit will make you more comfortable, perform better in the water and save more energy.
Health protection: Similar to glasses or swimming caps. Swimwear also helps you to limit direct skin contact with chemicals in the pool. Especially for sensitive areas or the skin of young children. In addition, this swim accessory also helps to limit heat shock when the body is in sudden contact with water.

3. Earplugs

For some people, wearing earplugs is a must. Because this swim accessory will help you avoid completely getting water into your ears. This is necessary to prevent water from getting into the ear canal, which can lead to infection.

In addition to the special cases where we need to use ta buttons, you can also use them. It is also one of the ways to help protect your ears because you cannot tell if foreign bodies enter your ears through the water.

4. Swimming cap

Similar to swimming goggles, except for professional athletes, very few people use swimming hats. Especially many people still wonder if using this swimming accessory is really necessary or not. Because they cannot keep your hair 100% dry. However, swimming caps are worn for reasons other than keeping your hair dry.

  • First, the swim cap will keep your hair away from your face while swimming
  • Second, protect your hair from direct contact with swimming pool chemicals
  • Third, this swim accessory will take over the function of keeping your hair on your head neatly, helping to reduce resistance in the water.

Additional swimming accessories

These are accessories that aid in the beginners’ workout swim. These accessories will make your workout easier and deliver results more quickly.

5. Fins swim

Wearing swimming fins is definitely a great pleasure for beginners to swim. This swim accessory helps to strengthen your legs. Through the added surface area on the fins, you can experience a higher-than-usual swimming sensation and speed.

6. Nose clip

Though most swimmers don’t like the idea of ​​wearing a nose clip during exercise. However, using this swim accessory will help you float better by better holding your breath.

7. Snorkel

This is one of the popular swimming accessories, especially nowadays, the front snorkel is attached. You can easily see them in professional training sessions or popular swimming pools. The simple reason is that they can help balance your breathing, preventing you from getting stuck in your neck while breathing to the side. If you are not familiar with the correct way of breathing while swimming, this will be the tool to make your exercise easier.

8. Kickboard

This is a swimming accessory that helps a lot in lectures or performances. A kickboard can help you improve leg strength, develop better balance in the water. It is also one of the most popular accessories at many swimming pools.

Swimming with kickboard

Swimming with kickboard

In addition to the essentials for swimming, you absolutely can refer to additional equipment if you need advanced. However, these items are completely optional. Depending on your financial needs for a reasonable shopping!


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