Do you know the link between swimming and sexual ability? Read to find out!

swimming brings the greatest benefit to sex

Do you know the link between swimming and sexual ability? Read to find out!

When talking about sex, people often see them as taboo or sensitive topics, “hard to talk about”. They do not speak straight, just talk about sex, talk about sex like “sex”, “story clouds rain”! So, when writing about this topic, I was quite considerate, but to be honest, this topic is too interesting and one of the “hidden” benefits of swimming needs to be announced.

In general, regular exercise, no matter what sport it is, can be a powerful remedy for improving your sex life. Exercise increases endorphins – a hormone that can help increase libido by reducing stress levels, improving your mood and increasing your confidence – contributing to the richness in your sex life.

The benefits of swimming with sex

Any kind of exercise, though, will do with sex. However, swimming brings the greatest benefit to sex.

According to Pete McCall, a motor physiologist and personal trainer for the American Exercise Board (ACE), “sex exercises” are strength exercises with weights (which help the body to produce testosterone). Kegel exercise (which strengthens pelvic floor muscles and supports genitals), Yoga (helps you improve flexibility), brisk walking (improves circulation, breathing), and swimming.

swimming brings the greatest benefit to sex

Swimming brings the greatest benefit to sex

A Harvard study of 160 male and female swimmers between the ages of 40 and 60 found a positive relationship between swimming exercise and sex. Swimmers in their 60s reported having the same sex life as people in their forties in the general population.

Since sexual activity can be a lengthy act, long-distance swimming can help you endure with a blanket. “Swimming at least 30 minutes three times a week will increase sexual endurance,” McCall said. Swimming is also a great way to lose weight, which can also lead to better sex. And obviously reducing excess body fat will help achieve six-pack abs and make you more attractive to potential mates.

As such, swimming is not only beneficial in terms of your physical and mental health but can also improve your sex life. But how, specifically, will swimming change your sex life?

1. Swimming helps you have a sexier body

It seems that you cannot have a body as charming as a “swimming body”.
Dr. Philip Whitten, editor-in-chief of the Swimming World Magazine, said: “I recently did a study that looked at the body attributes people would expect in a personal ad” and the results. showed: “20% of men desire to have a“ swimming body”.

Male swimmer body type

Male swimmer body type

When researchers at Cambridge University showed 700 women 30 different types of male bodies, they found that the most attractive image of a man’s body under a woman’s eyes was that of a swimmer: broad shoulders, waist slim and small hips. However, upper torso development is not only beneficial for men but also for women: by using the breaststroke style to develop the upper body, they can tone the chest muscles and thighs, chest lift higher, the body looks slimmer and balances pear-shaped figure.

Female swimmer body

Female swimmer body

Thus, swimming is a new way to get in shape to meet “love”. Breaststroke gives you more stretch breasts and toned inner thighs, while a free swim will provide you with attractive hips and hips.

2. Swimming enhances your libido 

Swimming not only gives you a desirable body, but it will also increase your libido. Studies have shown that swimming in cold water increases sex hormones (testosterone for men and estrogen for women), which increases libido.

Swimming will also increase your libido

Swimming will also increase your libido

Swimming trainer and pilates expert Agneta Lindberg says breaststroke is best for pelvic floor muscles because when you bring your legs together, you contract your thighs and pelvic floor muscles, thereby strengthening them. This will result in stronger orgasms for women and better control for men – they’ll keep the rains going for longer. In addition, all swim styles help to tone your waist and pelvic muscles to some extent because you constantly have to put these muscles in motion to keep your balance while swimming.

Swimming can also improve your blood circulation, increase blood flow around the body and especially to the genital area, enhance sexual function.

3. Swimming enhances your sexual energy

Chances are you will be too tired from jogging or a heavy workout in the gym, even so tired you don’t even think about sex. With swimming, on the other hand, you will have plenty of energy even though you exercise hard. There will be no falling asleep, feeling exhausted when you return from the pool. It is all because you are lying horizontally while swimming.

According to Brent Rushall, professor of Motor Science and Nutrition at the University of San Diego: “When you swim, the body is in a horizontal position, the heart doesn’t have to work against gravity – so it doesn’t have to struggles to send blood around the body ”.

You also don’t feel as hot as a terrestrial workout from being soaked in cool water. So, even if you work at the same intensity as a land trainer, you won’t feel that heavy. The average swimmer’s heart rate will be 12 beats slower per minute than runners. The benefit of this is that you are able to maintain the intensity for longer, increasing the impact of your training. If you have good aerobic powers, you should be able to be sexually active for longer and want it to be more frequent as well.

4. Swimming helps improve sex techniques

Sex is similar to a competitive sport like any other sport. It requires flexibility, endurance, flexibility and sophistication of bodily activity. And athletes – in theory – have all of those skills to put in the bedroom; they have an innate understanding of how the human body works. And some believe swimmers seem to have an advantage in this regard.

Cullen Jones, a former Olympic athlete who won a gold medal in 2012 – admits swimming is a sexy sport and the butterfly swimming technique has a lot of movement similar to body movement when having sex. And you can “apply” that hip thrust into the bedroom!

Cullen Jones

Cullen Jones

Through the intimate benefits between swimming and sex. Do you know what sports you should choose to improve your sexual ability?


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