Do you know how to swim like a mermaid? Don’t worry, cause we’re here to guide you!

how to swim like a mermaid

Do you know how to swim like a mermaid? Don’t worry, cause we’re here to guide you!

Have you ever dreamed of swimming like a mermaid in a movie? Did you think it would be difficult to swim like that in the past? Strictly speaking, any style of swimming is difficult at all. To swim in the usual swimming styles, you also have to take time to practice and be persistent. Of course, to swim fast, beautifully, and master the water will also require you to make more effort.

Swimming like mermaid

Swimming like mermaid

However, nothing is impossible, we will guide you through the article below.

Feel at ease when you are in the water

Make sure you do this, as this is the most important thing you should have when you want to learn any style of swimming. The next thing you need to do is practice breathing while swimming. Take a deep breath, then bend down into the water and exhale through your nose, then face up and inhale through your mouth. Do this over and over until you feel mastered.

When you feel really comfortable underwater. You can learn to hold your breath as the next exercise you need to learn. When holding your breath, try to hold your breath for as long as possible. Because the characteristic of the mermaid swim style is that you cannot continuously breathe like other swimming styles. Holding your breath for a long time will help you swim farther and longer.

When you practice holding your breath, it is best to choose a shallow, chest-level area of ​​water that is just enough for safety. While you practice holding your breath you can also combine it with a float to get more familiar with the water.

Wave bending technique

This technique is like doing the wave bending technique in butterfly swimming.
To do this one should start with the legs. The outstretched feet begin to lift both legs up and slightly flex the knees. Next, banging 2 feet into the water, the force emanating from the instep is the most while turning up the hips of the body. At this point, your head will bow to the water, depending on the depth of your feet, your head will have a corresponding depth. Next, repeat continuously as before. Since this is very limited in terms of breathing, you will need to have a snorkel above the water to be able to do it more continuously and gently.

At first, when you first do this butterfly curling, you will feel very difficult and tired. It requires a lot of body flexibility. You can imagine it like a body bend breakdance to be able to practice on land to help improve the endurance of the body before practicing underwater.

Learn how to control the water

One thing you often easily notice when watching mermaids swim outside. That is, they often swim deep below the surface of the water instead of just above the water like the usual swimming style. So what will help them do that? Simply the control of the hand and head will guide the leg to exercise force to move in the direction you want to go.

Learn how to control the water

Learn how to control the water

To do this, you must ensure that you have mastered all the above instructions. Next, practice adjusting your direction by pushing your hands in the opposite direction you want to go. You want to go left, grab your right hand to push the water. You want to dive deep, take your head down, and push your hand upwards.

The mermaids when swimming often opens their eyes underwater without glasses. However, I still recommend using dedicated swimming goggles to ensure your health.

Swim with fins

When you are really proficient with what I instructed above. This will be the time when you should do it with your “fishtail”. There are 2 types to choose from single fin and double fin.

For single fin:
As two separate units, when worn on it is actually more like an imitation than a mermaid, but it is easier to use, requires less skill and flexibility.

For double fins:
It is a large fin and your legs will be fixed. Controlling it is difficult and it is really inflexible and extremely difficult to use for newbies. Therefore, if you are not confident, you should not use it.

Once you have your own fins, you should redo the starting steps. From practicing wave bending on the water and then controlling how people flexibly under the water.

These are all the techniques you need to know to learn how to swim a mermaid. Hope it will help your training process.
You can practice it by yourself, but I’m afraid it will be difficult. You won’t know where your technique is wrong, is it right? So it’s best to find yourself a professional instructor so that “your swimming journey will be as short as possible”.


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