Consider swimming in the winter, Do you know why?

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Consider swimming in the winter, Do you know why?

Winter with cold and harsh weather makes everyone hesitate when thinking about swimming. However, in many ways, swimming this season has many interesting things. With our long-term experience working with swimming, today we will share the advantages of winter swimming. So that you can clearly understand why we should swim in this cold season.

First, it gives you confidence in winning over yourself

Of course. When most people will surrender to the freezing cold, if you are in the few to dare to overcome the situation, of course you will have overwhelming confidence. But you have to go to the office with mountain jobs waiting daily? We suggest, try setting up a swim schedule early in the morning. Note snacks before and breakfast after training and then go to work.

Waking up early to swim in the middle of the cold winter when it was still pitch black, the difficulty would be at its highest. But if you can do it, an early swim will give you the maximum refreshment and excitement to step into an effective working day. Of course, if you want to do that, you have to go to bed early the night before. So if you are used to getting up late to wake up late, you must change to getting up early to get up early. That habit has great benefits to life, perhaps needless to say.

Helps you maintain continuous exercise throughout the year

You work hard to play sports in the summer, but in the cold season fall into a state of “hibernation”. Thus, the efforts of an entire phase can be wiped out. Interrupting long periods of exercise programs can cause problems. Loss of weight control, obesity, decreased agility, endurance, cardiovascular …

So, if winter doesn’t stop you from swimming, the benefits of this sport will truly be full. Or if you want to alternate other subjects, you should not take a complete break from swimming, because too long will make you forget the “feeling of water” gradually. Or understand roughly, technology is lost, when returning will take a lot of time to compensate for the loss.

In short, staying swimming all year round will help you get a better balance in your life through exercise. Stay in shape, be agile, and improve physically and mentally regardless of weather conditions.

The swimming pool is less crowded, creating ideal conditions for the exercise

This is a huge, very obvious advantage that cannot be ignored. Surely you are not unfamiliar with the swimming pool overload in summer, also known as the peak season. Old and young people jostling, you always have to look horizontally and vertically to avoid, to slip in each swimming circle. Excessive crowding also leads to frequent, unhygienic swimming pools that easily cause problems with skin, hair, eyes, nose, ears …

And all those discomforts will be completely gone in winter. Overcoming fears of cold weather, your reward will be absolutely worth it. The swimming pool is deserted because people who are “too hot to jump to take a shower to cool” have already rested. The swimming pool will now be reserved for you and those who are really passionate about this sport. The practice has become easier and more comfortable than ever. The pool water is also more secure because it serves a much smaller number of people.

Swimming pool in the winter morning

Swimming pool in the winter morning

It can be said if you have a workout plan to improve your swimming skills, prioritize it in winter over summer. Even if you want to learn how to swim, winter is the perfect season. The pool is cleaner, the class is less crowded, the teacher will pay more attention to you.

What things to keep in mind when swimming in winter?

Actually, nothing too different, nowadays the tanks are growing a lot with good service quality. There are only a few small caveats to ensure your comfort:

  • Prepare snacks in case you are hungry. Because the body has to continuously produce heat during the cold season, it becomes hungry quickly. Therefore, get ready to spare additional energy if needed.
  • Should have a large scarf or robe, especially on very cold days. Because the tank is warm enough for four seasons, it can be a bit chilly from the bathing area to change clothes.
  • A full-body, long-sleeved swimwear is not necessary, as it does not solve many problems. Usually, those types of wear will interfere with swimming, as most do not have a tight grip that becomes flare-up in the water. When they get into warm water, they no longer work to keep the body warm.
  • The wetsuit (thick, heat-retaining swimwear made of neoprene rubber) I think is also not suitable for swimming in the pool. Being bulky and provocative, both to wear and to take off is quite complicated. Not to mention the exercise can be too hot because the pool water is warm enough, the wetsuit is originally used to swim open water in cold water.
A large scarf will help a lot on cold days

A large scarf will help a lot on cold days

So you can see the great effects of swimming in winter. What are you waiting for, let’s set up a practice plan right away to get a new level after the cold season. I wish you success and love swimming more and more!


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