Can I learn swimming at 50?

Older adult go swimming

Can I learn swimming at 50?

Everyone knows that swimming is of great help to everyone, of all ages. Not only does it make you more confident, a life skill, but swimming also makes your body more supple, healthy and of course helps you live longer.
It is impossible that from children to even people over 50 years old go swimming. If you do not believe it, go to the public swimming pools in the morning and see if half of the swimmers are middle-aged. 

However, even though swimming has such a great benefit, there are many people who cannot swim even though they are at that age. So what is the reason? Why do they still want to learn how to swim at the age of 50? Let’s find out.

What is the reason that 50-year-olds still can’t swim?

There are many reasons for not being able to swim in an elderly person. And that is also the reason they have overlooked the long process of not participating in swimming lessons. And these are some reasons:

No concentration, no “commitment” to swimming lessons

You want to know how to swim but don’t have a specific plan and spend your time prioritizing swimming lessons. You learn by inspiration, when you like you go, otherwise you rest. You go to school for a few sessions and then take a whole week off, a whole month. When you continue to study, it is considered starting over. If this is repeated over and over, it is not difficult to understand when you say “I have learned to swim for a long time and still cannot swim”.

Still not finished “grade 1” wants to study “grade 4, grade 5”

In learning to swim, breathing is the most important skill. Want to swim must know how to breathe. Breathing while swimming is different from breathing normally walking on the ground, so before we learn to fan and pedal, we must learn to breathe well. Knowing how to breathe is how to swim 70%. When I do not know how to breathe, I have practiced fanning my legs and arms, it is easy to be distracted, making this one forget the other. There are many people who boast that they have swim 6-10m, only make one mistake, they cannot breathe so they choke.

After learning to breathe, one should learn to dive – vertically up and down to cure “fear of deep water”, “fear of feet leaving the ground”. Only when diving well, people can learn and finally learn how to move in different swimming styles such as dog swimming, self-help swimming, breaststroke, slither … Beginners often focus on hand fan, pedal without breathing practice. As a result, there are people who can “swim” a little and choke or swim, but still do not dare to go into the water below the head …

Not understanding the “4 Rights” nature of swimming

Elderly people have a harder time learning to swim than children because the current “imitation” way of teaching makes it difficult for them to do exactly what the teacher wants. To swim, it is necessary to do 4 right:

– The right way: The movement must be done in the right direction, in the right direction. For example, when swimming frogs, the two legs must be bent and then kicked in an arc to the sides before squeezing together … Just like when going from Hanoi to Bac Giang, Quang Ninh, they must follow the north direction, if If you go south, you will stray to another province.

– Right time: This is the coordination of limbs so that rhythm, when the arms, when the legs, at the same time or staggered … Swimming is a rhythmic activity, is an underwater dance, not a Disorderly.

– Right strength: When hands and feet need to be strong when arms and legs need to be light In swimming movements, the body is not always tense but sometimes hands are active (erection), legs rest (need), or vice versa; sometimes these parts are above the water surface, the other parts are below the water surface …

– Right point of force: The same is using your hand to create force, but if you hit your hand on the table, the force will travel down to the table surface, irritating your hand, but if you press down on the table, the force will be transferred to the shoulder blades. In swimming, too, the destination of different forces creates different directions of motion. Because they do not know the destination of the force, many people are struggling with their limbs and limbs in a panic, wasting energy but cannot swim far.

Senior go swimming

Senior go swimming

Don’t know “try – wrong”

There are many people who try to do the same limb flapping, even if it doesn’t work, they just keep repeating it industriously. In fact, when you feel you are in this situation, stop, observe the good swimmers, find out how their movements differ from me to correct. Ask the question “Why do their limbs move smoothly and smoothly and still swim fast, swim beautifully …”. You must always change, always “trial – error” to get “4 rights”. Only then will you learn how to swim fast and swim with correct techniques. Need to observe to change.

Skip the basics

If you have not learned it is fine, have learned anything you should also learn by a process. Learn from the simple movements first, go up step by step, step by step, … once you have mastered the basic movements, you will be eager and completely confident when practicing the relative techniques. is as difficult as breaststroke, butterfly swimming …

We are sure that you can learn to swim forever but cannot swim for just one of the reasons above. However, it is better late than not. Even though you are 50 years old, swimming has huge benefits to your health. Do not because you do not know how to swim in your youth but ignore this useful sport! Wish you success!


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