6 Simple Ways to Maintain Your Swimming Every Day

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6 Simple Ways to Maintain Your Swimming Every Day

Daily exercise, sports, especially swimming is a good habit that all of us should also aim to. However, maintaining a reasonable and regular training schedule is not easy, because people always have many reasons to postpone training sessions. So how do you always be ready to practice every day? Let’s find out with Swimtimelog.

1. Place of practice

This is an essential element to help you maintain your exercise routine. First, choose the gym, swimming pool near where you live or work location for an easy commute. These gyms should have adequate training equipment and ensure your safety while exercising.

Indoor swimming pool

Indoor swimming pool

For swimming pools, you should opt for a 4-season indoor swimming pool, with the water temperature adjusted according to the body temperature. The feature of this swimming pool is that in summer the water is cool, the water will be heated in winter to become warm, without interrupting your daily exercise and swimming.

2. Diverse exercises

Do not always do an exercise in the same place at a certain hour will not create excitement, but also cause the muscle groups on your body to develop unevenly. You can set aside 3 sessions/week at 6 pm to go swimming, keep it that way. However, at other times, other days of the week, you can do gym, yoga, modern dance exercises or simply up and downstairs, cycling, swimming, push-ups, rope skipping, etc.

The most important thing to remember is: Get active wherever you are with whatever activity you enjoy!

3. Practitioners

Group workouts help maintain a more regular workout schedule, and at the same time create a more comfortable, fun atmosphere when going to the gym or swimming pool. Group practice with acquaintances also saves you time meeting and sharing with others in a productive and useful way. Therefore, do not hesitate to invite your friends, that person or a relative to practice and swim together.

4. Coach

And don’t forget to hire a coach. Advice for everyone is to set aside 1 to 2 months to hire PT for the right training technique. They will be the ideal people to help you practice regularly, inspire and recommend the best diet and workout for you.

Especially with swimming, you need to learn proper swimming techniques to avoid losing strength and injuring muscles, and at the same time know how to stay safe in the water environment, avoid suffocation, drowning.

5. Video

Sports shows, fitness shows, fitness reality shows, movies about your favorite sports, training tutorials, swimming clips or even funny practice videos wrong posture… will also help you get more excited for your daily exercise.

6. Application on the phone

There are tons of cool apps on your phone that help you keep track of your health stats, save exercise journeys, give nutritional advice or direction, and how to exercise every day. Download it to maintain a personal training schedule.

If you make daily exercise and exercise a habit, your biggest reward is your full health and long life. So what are you waiting for without arranging a swimming schedule as well as scientific training!


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